This page gives information on creating your very own ninja.

Your Ninja

  • Start off by giving a short summary of your character at the top of the page.
  • Make several sections about your Ninja, some section ideas are:
    • History: Tell the readers your past, but be creative with it and don't make it boring.
    • Physical Appearance: Gives some details about your character's appearance, as for what they look like..
    • Personality: Tell us a bit about what your Ninja is like, is he/she a jokester, or someone who is very serious you tell us.
    • Story: Gives some details about the Events your Ninja has been in. Including the Sagas and the arcs within those Sagas.
    • Abilities: These are descriptions of some abilities your Ninja has like "Great Speed" and/or "Weak Power" make sure to not make this section to "Godmodded" or else your character will not be registered by the Kage Council. Please put these abilities in level three headings.

Creating/Learning Your Jutsu

  • Well before choosing your Jutsu you must chose one of the Basic Chakra Natures (Water, Wind, Fire, Lightning, or Earth) for your character. Then base your Jutsu off of your chosen chakra.