Mars (2)
Aliases Phantom of the Mist
Tracker Sheet
Experience 0
Ryō 100
Personal Information
Birthdate Dec. 15
Gender Male
Age 10
Height 4'8
Weight 90lbs.
Blood Type B-
Affiliation Kirigakure
Family None living
Clan Unknown
Chakra Natures Water
Kekki Genkai Ice Release
Ninja Rank Academy Student
Academy Grad. Age None
Chunin Promo. Age None
Jonin Promo. Age None
Sword, Kunai, Explosive Tag, Smoke Bomb, Dagger, Shuriken, Fuma Shuriken
Hiding in the Mist Technique

Explosive Tag Technique

Ice Release: Ice Dome

Ice Clone

Ice Release: Ice Pillar

Hydrofication Technique

Water Release: Aqua Burst

Hiding in the Water Technique

Hiding in the Shadows Technique

Decapitating Airwaves

Extreme Decapitating Airwaves

Water Release: Hydroshield

Mars is a genin from The Hidden Mist. He is from an unknown clan and has no living relatives.

Appearence Edit

He has snow-white hair that hangs over his eyes. He has bright green eyes and normally has a bored expression on his face. He almost always has his sword on his back and also usually wears a green scarf. He has relatively pale skin.


He is normally very bored as expressed by the aloof look on his face. He also jokes a lot and offends people by mistake as he is a bit of a smartass. He jokes even in tough situations to try and lighten the mood.


Very little is known about his past, although he knows his sword was his fathers. Since he didn't grow up with parents he lived on the street until the Mizukage found out and paid for an apartment for him. He joined the academy when he was nine and is one of the top students.


Speed: Mars is incredibly fast and agile, much more so than expected for his age.

Intellect: Mars is also very smart although he chooses not to show it.

Ninjutsu: Mars is very proficient in Ninjutsu and learns new techniques easily.

Swordsmanship: Mars is very skilled with his sword.

Taijutsu: Mars is also incredibly skilled in taijutsu.