Chiu Gantra
Aliases Iceberg
Tracker Sheet
Personal Information
Gender Male
Age 26
Height 6"2
Weight 85Lbs
Blood Type O
Classification Shinobi
Affiliation Kirigakure Symbol Kirigakure
Clan Gantra Clan
Chakra Natures Water Release Water Release
Ninja Rank Jonin
Academy Grad. Age 8
Chunin Promo. Age 11
Jonin Promo. Age 16
Water Release: Wild Water Wave
Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique
Water Release: Water Torrent
Chiu Gantra is a jonin-level shinobi from Kirigakure.


Chiu had a rough childhood, his father died shortly after he was born. And Chiu's mother kept it secret that his father was dead, but once Chiu was a Chunin, his mother confessed that his father is dead. He took it silently and was inspired to be a better ninja, for his dad.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Chiu is a slim person of average height with a muscular and toned body. He has blueish-silver hair, most of which are spiky strandsthat jut upwards on top of his head, except for some which are kept pointing down and partially cover the upper left of his face. He wears a large white cape, with a wide collar, golden edges and fur trimmings over the shoulders, held closes by a belt, adorned by a stylized snake with rectangular coils.


Chiu is sometimes a loud-mouth but mostly seen with a big smile, which scares some people. Some people think that the name "Chiu" is a girl's name, so sometimes people call Chiu gay, but he ignores that.


~None for now~


Great Speed: Chiu is very fast and can easily dodge an attack with ease.

Swordsmanship: With his tanto, he is like a slashing machine. Being able to slash even while in the process of dodging an attack.